Chartered Accountants in Delhi India - Due Diligence Services

We are the Chartered Accountant in Delhi India carry an investigation of a potential investment to confirm all material facts in regards to investment in existing venture. An Effective financial Due Diligence services depends on identifying and then managing significant transaction issues, anticipating and identifying potentially important risk and negotiation issues. The objective of this is to improve all future performances of the organization by forecasting potential risk outcomes and attempting to improve the efficiency and of course the effectiveness of the existing business processes. We provide financial due diligence services in Delhi to our global corporate clients, due diligence solution is a process that helps in strategic decision making for investments, mergers and acquisition, joint ventures, and other alliances. Due diligence process which starts with formulation of strategic questions and their answers and ends with due diligence reports ,certificates, opinions followed by investments, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint-ventures. Due diligence process activity needs extensive functional experience of consultants in industrial management consulting and financial services. We help clients in value creations during and post due diligence services after investment, mergers and acquisitions, alliances and Joint-ventures.

Our basic approach is to save time, money and effort beside helping in influencing the price at the outset of the deal.

It covers the following areas:

Independent analysis of financial and commercial information and its evaluation prepared at an initial stage of a disposal or strategic divestment.

Collect together, analyse and interpret financial, commercial and tax information in detail.

Compilation and review of the financial information is to be provided to bidders.

Special purpose accounts audit.

Interfacing with the purchaser and their accounting advisors on various accounting matters and challenging due diligence findings of the purchaser.

Identifying contract warranties.

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