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Be part of an organization Chartered Accountant in Delhi India where you can serve some of the leading and most esteemed brands in the market. Work with outstanding team to tackle new challenges every day. The right job of a management is not to see the organization as it is, but to see as it can grow to be. We have faith in our ability to guide the forces of change and to forge ahead to emerge as the leader in the areas of our operations. But, the real gem is the employees of Neeraj Bhagat & Co. (Chartered Accountant Firm in Delhi) who makes the ultimate difference with services such as accounting services, general accounting services, financial accounting services, auditing services.

The dedication of our employees, energy, inventiveness and professionalism - we believe will optimize our business portfolio to unleash growth in the near future.

NBC strives to bring up an environment that allows staff members to continue their personal development. NBC selects employment only to those individuals who can carry on the tradition of providing the very best in professional services, and who exhibit professional competence, experience and academic preparation.

We, at NBC, have faith that the essence of Services Excellence will be always dictated by a self-assessment system that keeps quality and clients at the centre of all the activities. Because of the ongoing changes within the accounting industry, NBC always encourages staff members to select periodic professional education courses that as a whole broadens technical capabilities within the firm and enhance professional development of the individuals. We believe in instilling global competencies and value systems that foster teamwork, continuous improvement in services quality and customer relations, and providing a stimulating work environment. Empowering employees to progress, by providing the minimum required skills through training, has ensured that NBC attracts and retains talents.

An professional library is maintained that meets research requirements in all aspects of the organization's services & practice. Internal computer hardware and software are constantly evaluated and updated to keep pace with the available technological advancements and provide an adequate backup in all service areas.

We believe that if you are an individual with a good business sense; with an analytical mind; a strong academic record and work ethic; excellent communication skills; an appetite for variety; a desire to continue to learn and improve professionally; and, the ability to lead others, you should consider your career with NBC.

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