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The firm CPA in Delhi Gurgaon India has vast & varied experience in conducting all types of Audits for large & medium sized business entities. If you own a business, the annual internal audit can sometimes feel like a time-consuming and expensive process that only benefits the statutory authorities. We at Neeraj Bhagat & Co. CA in delhi india provide Auditing services in Delhi and Internal auditing checklist with the highest auditing standards in India to ensure total compliance of client’s requirements. We make sure all your onerous reporting requirements are met as painlessly as possible- keeping banks, creditors, internal audit service providers, and even the Inland Revenue, happy.

But more than that - We offer services in the Broad range of auditing services, compliance, tax and corporate service. The firm has gained long serving experience to a number of multinational Companies, foreign national and Indian corporate and Firms in the field of auditing, direct tax, international taxation, Transfer Pricing, Indirect tax, India entry Strategy, Formation of Joint venture Company and wholly owned subsidiary, investment in Indian entity, due diligence services, mergers & acquisitions, project finance, compliance and advisory service on Tax, Accounts outsourcing, payroll management, Companies Act and Foreign Exchange Management Act. Our aim to offer you the kind of business advice that could help you to run your company efficiently and cost-effectively. We also offer expert corporate tax planning advice, to make sure you're as tax-efficient as possible.

We can test your performance against industry standards, even against your direct competitors. We'll review your accounts department and the control measures you currently use, recommending ways to improve. We might discover that your competitors are receiving payment more quickly than you, your stock levels might be higher than the industry norm, or perhaps your company takes longer than average to complete orders and sell finished work. Or there may be ways to improve your cashflow using some careful tax planning.

Our internal audit service is special because of the people who do it - we only recruit the best, and they're not afraid to get their hands dirty if it means they really get to understand your business. We train all our staff to anticipate client needs, communicate clearly and take ownership of their work. And because we draw on the experience of our senior partners across all disciplines, we take every opportunity to help your business grow.

There's no such thing as 'just another audit client' at Neeraj Bhagat & Co. you're a growing enterprise, and your growth is the focus of our business. So don't be afraid of your audit - use it.

We provide following Auditing Services :

Internal Audit Services / Concurrent Audit Services :

Our emphasis is on ensuring strong internal control systems to minimize the risk of accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. Safeguarding of assets, adequate division of authority over key control areas and compliance with internal operating policies and guidelines are other focus areas of our procedures.

Management Audit Services :

Productivity and efficiency of management are key determinants of an organization's success. Our procedures aim to maximize management performance by focusing on improving processes within the organization.

Operations and Efficiency Audit Services :

Our objective is to ensure that resources of the organization are optimized to deliver maximum possible value. We focus on streamlining processes, minimizing waste and objective measurement of management and staff performance.

Special Investigative Audit Services :

Despite designing and installing high quality control systems, organizations do face situations involving fraud and financial impropriety. We have assisted clients in unearthing such situations and taking remedial action.

Due Diligence Review :

We assist clients in conducting financial, legal and accounting reviews in case of mergers, acquisitions and investments. A sound understanding of local laws, regulations and accounting practices enables us to vet all critical issues in detail.

Costing and Accounting System Design and Review :

Accurately measuring and managing cost and accounting data is critical for management decision making and reporting. Our assistance in developing and installing these systems help management their decision making process.

Compilation of final accounts as per accounting standards of US GAAP :

We assist clients in compilation of final accounts as per US GAAP standards which help companies to compete effectively and efficiently in global market.

Internal Audits :

» Compliance with management controls

» System and process improvements

» Financial impropriety and fraud audits

» Due diligence for acquisitions and investments

Our emphasis is on ensuring strong internal control systems to minimize the risk of accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. Our objective is to ensure that resources of the organization are optimized to deliver maximum possible value

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