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We are leading Chartered Accountant in Delhi India provides Accounts outsourcing Services. Accounts Outsourcing Services has proven to be a very useful approach for businesses all around the world. In India, with our expert Accounting Outsourcing Solutions, we are there serving several industries to face the intense finance and accounting challenges. We have a huge experience in providing Accounting Bookkeeping Services, Payroll services and Account outsourcing in delhi which is directly marked in the quality we deliver. As an independent corporation, we are familiar with the accounting needs and desires of high growth companies. We apply a significant amount of our time to learn client business, to understand how exactly we can be of support to them. This includes the writing up of accounts and the preparation of financial statements. It encompasses a wide area ranging from simple Book keeping to complex financial analysis.

We offers different Accounts Outsourcing Services including:
   - Administration
   - Accounting Services
   - Payroll Services
   - Company set up in India
   - Offer menu of services to fit every aspect of entering the Indian market.

Our services are structured to let you to select a full back office service or just specific items relevant to your requirements. Our full menu are cited below:

Accounting Bookkeeping Services

It takes care of your day to day Accounting bookkeeping and prepares for you monthly or quarterly management accounts. These accounts can be shaped to your group’s specific needs, including preparation as per US GAAP accounting standards.

VAT Returns

As part of the Accounting bookkeeping service, Neeraj Bhagat & Company prepares the necessary periodic VAT (Value Added Tax) returns, making the relevant documentation and liasioning with the VAT authorities during their regular VAT audits.

Payroll Services

Neeraj Bhagat & Company prepares the employees’ monthly salaries, administer commissions, incentive and bonus payments, and also monitors and reimburses staff expense accounts. Special requirements can also be catered for, such as the administration of pension schemes and private health insurance. We work as your accounting back office, to provide you with accurate, timely, with minimized risk all your payroll related activities. We also offer customized payroll services processing solutions to fit your requirements, Please feel free to ask us, how we can assist you.

Preparation of year end financial statements

Neeraj Bhagat & Company prepares the company’s annual accounts and full back-up schedules ready for the statutory annual audit and then liase with the company’s auditors as it is appropriate.

Payment of Creditors

Our systems enable us to pay your creditors at times of your choosing whilst leaving you with full control.

Debt Collection

Neeraj Bhagat & Company can assist in all difficult areas, as debtors sometimes attempt to take advantage of clients’ ignorance of local law in the hope that there will be no action taken to recover the debt. Neeraj Bhagat & Company’s services also include the collection and banking of money from your customers.

Cash Handling and Banking Operations

Neeraj Bhagat & Company can help with treasury functions that also includes the operation and monitoring of high interest deposit and current accounts.

Cash Forecasting

We recognise your requirements to retain a regular overview of your cash reserves. We prepare regular cash forecasts for you so that you can plan out for the future.

Virtual Office Services

Smaller companies, or larger overseas companies that employees only one or two staff initially, finds our virtual office service extremely useful. We provide a telephone answering and messaging service to them along with a highly credible New Delhi address.

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